Your wedding day goes by in a blur. You hardly notice how fast the reception is ending, and the guests begin to leave. Looking back at your professional wedding photos, you’ll cherish the portraits and candids that capture you and your spouse looking happy, in love, and picture-perfect. But wouldn’t it be fun also to have some silly, hilarious snapshots to look back on and laugh about?  That’s where a photo booth comes in! Renting a photo booth for your wedding reception is a great way to get zany, amusing pictures of you and your guests hamming it up and having a blast. Playing some photo booth games takes the hilarity up a notch, resulting in priceless memories you’ll treasure forever.

Prop up the fun  

A key to maximizing the humor is props. When your photo booth rental company asks what props you want attached, go wild! Choose wacky over traditional and don’t stick to the box. There’s everything from oversized silly glasses, hats, and wigs to boas, eccentric masks, fake mustaches, and colorful wigs. A show that uses outrageous props encourages creativity and makes it more absurd. You can posing with props, wearing them as costumes, or creating humorous scenes with them. The options for funny photos are endless.

Strike a goofy pose

Photographs that are awkward or exaggerated are funny without props as well. Encourage people to contort their faces, show off nerdy dance moves, make silly faces, or strike absurd bodybuilder stances. Act out comical scenes like you’re singing into a hairbrush microphone or searching the ground with a magnifying glass. Anything goes, so be as weird and wacky as you want! Here is a link that provides more information:

Make it a game

It takes your photo booth fun to a whole new level when you include a game element.

  • Provide categories or prompts for each group that heads into the booth like “Recreate a famous movie scene” or “Do your best silly face”.
  • Print multiple copies of each photo strip so guests participate in a match game, trying to find others with the same image.
  • Hold a contest for the funniest photo, funniest group shot, best prop usage, etc, and give out a small prize. 
  • Create custom signs, speech bubbles, frames, and templates people hold or pose with. 
  • Supply categories on slips of paper that groups pick from randomly like “superheroes”, “jungle adventure” or “awkward prom photo”.

Games like these can inspire creative, hysterical shots you’ll never forget.

Capture the fun for the memories

While photo booths are common at weddings these days, going the extra mile to load up on funny props, encourage silliness, and turn it into a game makes your booth stand out. When you consider how your guests let loose and be ridiculous, you end up with an album full of memories that capture the fun spirit of your special day. Whenever you look at the funny snapshots you took on your wedding day, you’ll smile.

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